#1: the start of the end

It’s weird.

I don’t know what you go to university thinking, but when you leave life seems much different. Suddenly you kind of know how to take care of yourself, you also realise just how brilliant your mum and dad were at doing that, and you have no fucking clue what’s going to happen next.

Well, that’s how I felt when I left.

I felt this air of positivity. As if now I had spent 3 years working my ass off I was owed something by the universe, owed something by society. In all honesty part of me still feels that way. You stay up for nights on end completing assignments, spend hours on Photoshop just getting those few pixels perfect, spend time commuting into the city in order to try and convince someone you are worth their time and then after three years you’re kinda owed a job, right?


Turns out society doesn’t give a shit that I used to keep a toothbrush at my desk because I wouldn’t go home so often it became necessary. Turns out employers don’t give a shit that I missed family birthdays and events to be on the other side of the country working. Turns out these people don’t give a shit that I spent weeks with only pennies in my bank account trying to work out where I could get my next meal from because I had to spend all of my money on train fare to get into London for no one to even give my work a second glance.

When it comes to business, employers have one decision to make, who is the best person for the job? Until you get a job however, your lack of experience will deem you in fact NOT the best person for the job, it’s somewhat of a viscous cycle really.

Since graduating life has become about finding that person who can break the cycle, and think maybe, just maybe I could be the right person for the job, if I was only offered a chance.

So that’s what this blog is. A place to share stories, start discussions and hope that maybe someone will read this and think ‘hey, I could be that person.’



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